News in 2009

News in 2009


Japan steel --- ( 10-Feb-2009 )

In Jan-Mar 2009, Japan steel companies planed to export steel products of a total amount of 3,461,000 tons. Their quantity dropped 24% from 4 months ago according to a survey.
However under a situation of global sluggish steel industry, JFE steel still have interest in investing upstream steel facilities in Thailand.

Domestic waste steel price rises --- ( 2-Feb-2009 )

In this year, domestic waste steel market goes steady, prices in certain areas increase little. At present, most domestic steel companies have no enough stock of waste steel. And there is no much waste steel resource in the market. Under this situation, the price of waste steel will rise a bit in native market.

Titanium demands decrease --- ( 7-Jan-2009 )

The latest news indicates that Boeing and Airbus will delay their next-generation aircraft programs. This means USA titanium output will decrease in 2009. Their domestic titanium shipments is reduced to 70.7 million lbs in the year of 2009.

New Aseismatic Material: Nickle-Titanium Alloy --- ( 5-Jan-2009 )

Nickle-Titanium alloy is a typical shape memory material. A 10 seconds' experiment in University of Nevada simulating the Northridge earthquake for this Nickle-Titanium alloy may help us find the way to protect our bridges in the earthquakes.

RTI delays their produject --- ( 4-Jan-2009 )

Under current economic situation, RTI planed to delay one of their expansion project. They planed to build two factory for their development of forging and rolling. But now they were expected to be started in 2011.



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