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Introduction of F22 fighter

Here you can find all there is to know about the F-22 Airframe. Some images may take a bit time to load in case you are using a slow modem, but it is definitely worthwhile to wait.  Feel free to read some interviews about the F/A-22 to learn more about the airframe from the people with first hand experience.

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Introduction of SR-71 (80% of its body is made of titanium)

Developed for the USAF as reconnaissance aircraft more than 30 years ago, SR-71s are still the world's fastest and highest-flying production aircraft. The aircraft can fly more than 2200 mph (Mach 3+ or more than three times the speed of sound) and at altitudes of over 85,000 feet.

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Introduction of J-11 (Chinese aircraft figher)

The J-11 (Jianji-11 or Jian-11) is a licensed copy of the Russian Sukhoi Su-27SK air-superiority fighter aircraft built by Shenyang Aircraft Corporation (SAC). The initial batches of the J-11 were identical to the single-seat Su-27SK, but the later batches had increased portion of Chinese-made components. SAC is currently developing an “indigenised” upgraded variant known as J-11B, which was based on the J-11/Su-27SK airframe but equipped with Chinese-developed avionics and weapon suite. SAC is also planning to power future productions of the J-11 with the indigenous WS-10A turbofan engine.

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Possible image of J14 ( Chinese new generation aircraft figher )

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